Monday, June 29, 2009


Evennou on the podium at Morden

Another weekend, another race in the books, another podium for the team. This weekend was looking pretty ugly at first with all the rain that happened on Saturday but the track ended up being pretty good on Sunday.
Teddy has definitely established himself as the favorite to win the title, that first moto he was on it and he really made a statement to his competition. Unfortunately, his motor locked up in the second moto, which is a harsh reality in this class. 250F's tend to do that sometimes and the team learned from it and it won't happen again. Luckily he had a pretty solid lead over Nye going into the moto so he only ends up being down 2 points. He can gain that back with one moto win so there's plenty of time left to take care of business.
Nick has been a clutch guy this year. When Teddy dnf'd, Nick kept the teams podium streak alive with a 3rd in the moto and 3rd overall. I know he's not happy with that though, he wants to win one of these soon. Good thing he loves sand, maybe he'll finally pull it off at Gopher Dunes.
I'm sure Brock was hoping for a mud race. The BC native is no stranger to mud and has had some of his best finishes when the going gets slimey. He proved that by cutting the fastest lap in practice when the track was still a soupey mess. Still, in the first moto he finished a solid 6th so he's been getting it done rain or dry this season.
Here's a few photos from Morden:

James Lissimore photos

Nick gets his interview time

More interviews, now for TV.

Teddy leading the second moto.

Nick charging to a second moto podium

Nick battles with Kyle McGlynn

Teddy gets on the box with a win in the first moto.

TV time for Teddy

Teddy takes the moto 1 win

Pat mans the pit board while Teddy leads

Brock on the move in moto 1






Monday, June 22, 2009


Teddy Maier

This weekend we were at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta and it's a great facility. The track is right at the famous drag strip and next door to Edmonton International Airport so the location is perfect. The track itself is completely flat but the dirt is good and they've done a good job with the layout. This track is faaast though, wide open everywhere and you need a fast bike; which is good, our bikes definitely held their own against anything on the track.

Teddy is serious about being the fastest guy in the class. Though most guys would sit back and let Dean Wilson go since he was only planning on racing the first 3 rounds, Teddy was determined to get in there and race him. He even edged Wilson out in qualifying to take the number 1 spot. Then in both motos, Teddy got out front early and pushed really hard. Even after Wilson caught him, he did his best to hang with him. Teddy is never happy with second and you know he'll be gunning for the win next weekend.

Brock had a pair of comback rides. He got pinched off on the start in the first moto and worked his way up from 20th to 9th, then in the second moto he put in a great ride, coming all way back from a first turn crash to go from last to 8th.

Nick did not have the weekend he was looking for. In the first moto, some mud jammed his shifter causing the bike to be stuck in 3rd gear, which he still finished a solid 12th. Then in the second moto he crashed out. He's looking forward to next weekend, he likes the Morden track so he'll be happy to get back up and battle with the leaders.

Here's a few shots from the weekend:

James Lissimore Photos:

MX2 Podium

Brock Hoyer

Nick Evennou

Teddy leading the first moto

Brock Hoyer, Teddy Maier and fellow Kawasaki pilot, Dean Wilson


Nick Evennou

Brock Hoyer

Teddy Maier out front again in the second moto

Teddy and Pat O'Connor

Rob Furhman takes Brock's bike to the line

Rob Furhman

Pat O'Connor

Brock Hoyer

Teddy Maier

Brock Hoyer

Mike and Nick


Monday, June 15, 2009

More Podium Action at Calgary

Nick Evennou(r) gets on the podium at Calgary

We were in Calgary this weekend at Wild Rose MX Park. This place is really cool, it's right in the middle of the city and the downtown skyscrapers dominate the skyline. Plus, the hotel is within walking distance so this round is definitely one of the most looked forward to of the year.

Things went well for the team this weekend. After last weekend's misfortunes for Nick and Brock it was great to see them both turn things around in a big way. Plus, Teddy established that he's the number one contender for the title this season.
Nick was so happy to get back on the podium. He's had a huge monkey on his back for a while now and to finish second in the final moto took a huge weight off his shoulders. He is looking forward to backing it up in Edmonton next weekend.
For Brock, his 5th in the first moto established that he belongs with the leaders and he knows he can be there every moto now. It's great to see his confidence grow with every race.

Now they're off to Castrol Raceway in Edmonton next weekend, another track that has great facilities and lots of spectators. Should be another great weekend for the Leading Edge Kawasaki team.

Here's a few photos from Calgary....

James Lissimore photos: