Monday, July 27, 2009

Rainy days in Ste. Thecle

Brock(l) and Nick both made the podium at Ste. Thecle.

At the Canadian Nationals we're always due for at least one mud race and this weekend at Ste. Thecle, Quebec we got it and got it bad. The track was not too bad in the morning and looked like it might be half decent but by the time the qualifiers rolled around the clouds had opened up and a deluge would be released that would not let up for the rest of the day.
It actually turned out to be a bit of a mixed blessing for the Leading Edge team. The day would end with both Brock Hoyer and Nick Evennou on the podium and Teddy made up more valuable points on his rival for the championship, Eric Nye.
With the race shortened to one moto due to the weather conditions, it was all or nothing and Brock lead the way, grabbing the holeshot ahead of his teammate Nick and the pair proceded to gap the rest of the field. Nick got by and lead for a few laps before falling and letting Brock back around. Then it was his turn to fall over but luckily be remounted in second and held it all the way to the line. It was the first podium for Brock who's shown lots of speed this year but not a lot of luck so far. Nick managed to work his way back up to third and Teddy got sixth so it was a great day for the team.
Now we're off to Moncton, a round that Nick won two years ago so he's excited to try and get his first win of the season.

Here's a few shots from Ste. Thecle:

James Lissimore Photos

Nick breaks out the Thor mud gear for practice

The conditions weren't too bad in the first practice

Even the mechanics were still clean by that point

By the time the first qualifier rolled around the rains were in full force

Brock and Teddy(far left) both got a good jump off of the gate

Brock took the holeshot ahead of Nick and the two began to distance themselves from the pack.

The track just got worse and worse as the moto wore on

There were several lakes across the track by this point.

Brock after the moto

Nick has a mud facial

Brock makes his first podium appearance

Brock's mechanic, "Frenchie", was dirty but happy


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two dominate motos at Gopher Dunes

Teddy stands on top of the podium at Gopher Dunes

The team was in Courtland, Ontario this weekend for the fifth round of the Monster Energy CMRC Nationals at Gopher Dunes. The deep sand makes it the most punishing track on the circuit and it always makes the going tough. Boy, did Teddy put his stamp on this race! Not a known sand specialist, he put in two dominating motos to win his first overall of the year.
He made his way into the lead early in both motos and then proceeded to gap the pack. His double wins gave him the points lead in the championship going into next weekends race in Quebec. Since it's a new track on the circuit this season, everyone will be on equal footing.
Brock had a pretty good day, going 7-8 for 9th overall. Pretty rare when a 7/8 gives you 9th but the sand always leads to inconsistent moto scores and strange overalls.
Nick was fast all day but the sand got the best of him, knocking his spark plug cap off and killing his bike. Still, he was hauling, passing a bunch of fast guys before that so he's pretty dissapointed. Luckily he's always done well at the eastern tracks so he's looking forward to the next few weeks.
Now we're off to Ste. Thecile in Quebec, a new track that we've never been to so it should be intresting. Teddy will be looking to keep stretching his lead atop the MX2 leaderboard.

James Lissimore Photos: