Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Nick Evennou

Well, the team made it's way to Moncton last weekend for the Riverglade round and despite looking like it was going to be a mud race the track ended up being perfect.
The riders were all out early to film the Team promo video with Destroyer Films so everyone was well rested for the weekend and eager to get out there. Nick was especially excited since he won here last year and was hoping to repeat again. Too bad, his strange luck continued as he was shocked by his bike in moto 2. Can't say I've ever heard of someone being electrocuted by their own motorcycle but with the way Nick's season has been going it doesn't seem as suprising.

Teddy was solid again and despite tweaking his hurt ankle again still rode to strong 4-4 moto finishes and would have had third in the first moto but a lapper cut him off and stopped him dead, allowing Mason Phillips to get back around him with 2 laps to go. It's too bad that Teddy missed Regina because he'd have been right there for the championship with the recent troubles that Eric Nye and Aron Harvey have suffered. I guess that's racing.

Brock was his usual consistent self, finishing 10th overall. He's been working hard all week to try and bridge that next gap and crack the top 5. He rode at Sand Del Lee two years ago on a 450 so his familiarity with the track should help him with that goal. Also, Leading Edge supported Intermediate rider, Greg Small, son of the teams truck driver qualified for his first national at Riverglade and even managed to score 2 points in the second moto with a 19th. Way to go Greg, it only gets easier from here!

Nick and Brock have both stayed out in New Brunswick all week to practice so they'll be making the drive to Sand Del Lee on Friday. There may be some big news for Sand Del Lee so stay tuned.....

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