Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are the Champions!

Teddy Maier is your 2009 Monster Energy CMRC Champion!
Whew, we finally made it. Things were tense as Teddy came into the final round with a 28 point lead. It was enough that you could breath a little easier but not enough that you could relax and expect that things were in the bag. I think I saw Pat double and triple check every part on the bike before the first moto. It was such a relief when he got into second in the first moto and rode it out for the championship. I know how hard Teddy has worked the last couple of seasons as he rode up here in Canada and it's great to finally see him rewarded for all the effort. The Number One sure looks good on his bike!
Brock also had a pretty good day as he had his best ever non-mud finish with a 6th overall on the day. It propelled him into seventh overall so that's a great improvement over last season. I'm sure if he didn't get taken out in the first turn at Kamloops and injure his arm he would have been even higher up the standings. He even decided to ride his 450 on sunday and qualified 10th. That's pretty impressive for a completely stock bike. He didn't end up racing the MX1 class but it shows that he's got a great future in either class.
I felt bad for Nick Evennou, he works really hard but always seems to have something go wrong. This time he got a flat tire while running 3rd in the second moto. Still, he had his share of podiums this year and was a definite improvement over last season. He finished just behind Brock at eighth in the standings, a big improvment over last year.
Now it's off to the Montreal SX for Teddy and Brock. Teddy will be racing a 450 while Brock will be racing a 250 in the All Canadian MX2 class.
Here's a few photos from Walton:
James Lissimore Photos
Teddy in second in the first moto

Brock rode to 6th in moto one

Pat and Teddy celebrate their MX2 Championship

Nick ran strong in the second moto before he suffered a flat tire.

Brock Hoyer battles with a pair of Allisons during moto 2.

Teddy ran in third in moto 2

Nick Evennou

Teddy debutes his new number 1 jersey

Teddy's new number 1 plate

The 2009 MX2 Championship podium

Pat bolts on the new number 1 plate

Teddy debuts his new number

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