Monday, August 3, 2009

Winning in Moncton

Teddy took his fourth moto win of the season at Moncton

The series came all the way out to the east coast this weekend for the scenic River Glade National in Moncton, New Brunswick. After last weekend's horrendous mud fest everyone just wanted to forget about the nastiness and move on but Friday we were greeted to another big downpour which brought back a little deja vu as the mechanics tore the bikes apart from the weekend before. Luckily the rain was gone as Saturday morning dawned sunny and nice and by the time the bikes hit the track for practice the conditions were almost perfect.

Moto One was great and a bit of a continuation from last weekend as there were two Leading Edge bikes on the podium again! This time Teddy ran down the competition after a bad start and took the lead and the win unchallenged. He is just on another level from his competition right now and his confidence is growing with every race. To cap things off, Nick finished a strong third to make two straight third places for him. The only down side was Brock took a rock to the knee that injured him but he soldiered on for tenth place.

The second moto again saw Teddy get a bad start, which is rare these days but he put his head down and charged hard again. This time he managed to get up to third, which was enough to give him the overall win and another couple points on his rival, Eric Nye, for the title with only two more rounds to go. Now his lead sits at 19. Nick was also in a podium position in the moto, sitting 4th when he crashed hard. He was able to remount to finish tenth but later went to the hospital to have his injured kidney checked out. Luckily it is only bruised and he should be able to race this weekend. Brock toughed out his injured knee and pulled off a ninth, which gave him 8th overall.

This week, Nick and Brock will be staying out in New Brunswick to continue practicing for next weekend's race at Sand Del Lee in Ontario while Teddy flew home to Iowa to continue his preparation there.

Here's a few photos from the weekend:

James Lissimore photos

This is what Brock's bike looked like after last weekend's mud fest in Quebec

Luc "Frenchie" Cahouette looks at his bucket of bolts that used to be a KX250F

Pat O'Connor made a bet with Brock last week, betting that if Brock finished top 2 he could cut his hair. Well he did and at Moncton Brock got to work.

His "Chuck Liddell" hair cut is what he came up with

Greg Small also got in on the bet and the terms were that he had to score points in the moto. Well, he pulled off after two laps so he also got the clippers.

Pat "Liddell" cheers on his rider

Nick gets ready to head out

Brock tears up the loamy soil

Teddy was quickest in the morning practice session

Nick finished a solid 3rd in the first moto

Teddy had to work back from a sub par start


Brock hurt his knee but still finished tenth

Teddy topped the podium at Moncton with his second overall win of the season

Teddy gets some TV time in front of the characteristically large Moncton crowd

Nick gets his time in front of the lens

Two Leading Edge bikes on the podium for the second straight week

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